October 8, 2018

THE FUTURE – My Story – Part 3

THE FUTURE: Ah no time! Let’s get to work, but before I run off, let’s discuss the future. C’est tres important. I will like to shoot more portraits that reflect and portray my clients in the best way possible, a subtle reflection of my preferences and artistic leaning. I want my portraits images to convey a message without written words.

Naturally, I want to do more Architectural Photography. As an Architect, I will like to design and construct more buildings, work on more Set and Product designs. I also want to collaborate more with other creatives, photographers, Make-Up Artists, Hair Stylists…you get; have playdates focused on Beauty & Fine Art Photography.

I need more friends outside my core professional circle. Finally, like my friend said to me ‘You are a Lion on crouch mode’. It’s the time to pounce!

My Value Proposition: I want to help you create and reinforce history with visual evidence of how you want to be remembered, whether it’s a 40th Birthday Portrait, Life Milestone, Wedding Party, Anniversary, Graduation Party, Street Scene or  even a night out with friends. I want my work to be the view through which you perceive social events and family history. Remembering the past with pictures; they become icons and can be imprinted in people’s mind for their entire lifetime.

For all enquires and business proposals kindly shoot me a mail: tunbi (at) tunbisamuel.com or send a DM. Also, see website for more www.tunbisamuel.com

Disclaimer: I might not be this fine in real life, if you see me, and I no resemble my pishure. Oh well! Crush at your own risk.